Rwanda plans to construct RWF 450 m National Theatre


Rwanda’s Sports and Culture Minister, Julienne Uwacu


Today it’s hard for musicians and artists in Rwanda to find spacious indoor facility to host shows and cultural events but this issue will soon be a thing of the past.

Plans are underway to build a state of the art RWF 450 m (about $653, 000) National Theatre to address this very problem, the Minister of Sports and Culture Julienne Uwacu has said.

In an interview with the vernacular government newspaper Imvaho Nshya, the minister revealed the plot on which the facility will sit has already been secured.

As far as investing in the entertainment industry, that is all the government can afford doing according to Ms Uwacu.

She emphatically dashed the local musicians’ hopes that the government might eventually bail out them out.
“We only have the budget for national ballet troupe (Itorero ry’ Igihungu) but not for individual artistes.” Minister Uwacu said.

Several artistes Rwanda have accused the ministry of not doing anything to support music and film industries as it does with the sports sector.

“The ministry should also pump money into music industry in order to develop and generate income to national treasury because developed music industry can fetch a lot of money.” rapper Emery Gatsinzi aka Riderman told this website

Rwandan art

Rwanda’s entertainment industry lags behind Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania’s.