Rwandan artiste sending some love and peace to Burundi


I FEEL YOUR PAIN: Erick Senderi to dedicate a song to Burundians


Life in Burundi at this moment is not that good, it’s hard to find a smile on the face of a Burundian, it’s this very reason that Rwanda’s Afro beat star Erick Senderi might have some small gift to our brothers and sisters in the tiny Central African nation.

Senderi has decided to channel his empathy and sympathy to Burundian folk in his talent, his music, he plans to record a Burundi situation themed-song as a small token of solidarity with fellow Africans embroiled in yet another tumultuous political quagmire.

The star whose music has often comforted Rwandans in the Genocide Commemoration period   told Afrika Reporter the song will be about unity and love, a message he hopes can help influence the situation in a positive way.

“I have fans in Burundi and we as artistes need to do something to change the situation positively, that’s why next week I will release a hope song dedicated to Burundians,” Senderi said in an interview.

Senderi also rallied fellow musicians to chime in by speaking up against violence in Burundi

Riots broke out in Burundi recently after current President Pierre Nkurunzinza announced his bid to contest next June presidential election.

The Burundian Constitution bars the president from running for the third term and clearly many Burundians have put their lives on the line to protest the controversial decision.

The violence has forced thousands to flee the country to neighboring countries like Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Senderi is a veteran in Rwanda’s music industry, last year during the commemoration period, he released a song Baruhukiye I Nyanza Ya Kicukiro (They are resting in Nyanza of Kicukiro). He also boasts of tunes like Nsomyaho, Kaachi Kaachi among others.