Rwandan female rapper in hiding over Frw2m debt


IN TROUBLE: Young Grace

Rwanda’s female hip hop star Young Grace real name Abayizera is currently hiding fearing possible arrest by the police for allegedly issuing a bounced cheque to a local car dealer.

Various local tabloid reports have indicated Young Grace fled the country over a frw 2 m debt, however, sources close to the rapstress tell Afrika Reporter that, she is hunkering down somewhere within Rwanda.

Donatire Umuhoza not real name, a family maid confirmed to this website the star is in the country.

Umuhoza said “I heard her talking to her young sister on phone and her sister replied that, the media says you are out of the country, and from the conversation I could tell she is in the country.”

Asked about his famous sister’s whereabouts, Kandake, a producer in Kigali said he had no idea.

The budding rapper apparently bought her fancy Vitz on credit late last year  and promised to pay the  Frw2 m balance, what was she thinking issuing the cheque knowing very well there was insufficient funds on her account?

Well let’s hope she is in contact with Uganda’s Desire Luzinda, the Ekitone singer must know a thing or two on how to get out of these money issues as she’s been arrested several times over millions in debt only to be bailed by loaded “he” fans.