Rwandan Genocide suspect fails to get counsel

Genocide Suspect Emmanuel Mbarushimana

Genocide Suspect, Emmanuel Mbarushimana

Rwanda’s High court has postponed the trial of Emmanuel Mbarushimana, one of the high profile genocide suspects, after the suspect reportedly failed to get a lawyer.

The case was postponed after Mbarushimana couldn’t secure a lawyer from the Rwanda Bar Association. And he cannot represent himself.

Appearing before court Mbarushimana told the judges he has 23 reasons why his case needs to be postponed, but in the time allotted he gave the above two.

The suspect alleges that he has since February 2015, in five separate letters, asked the chairman of the Rwanda Bar Association to provide a lawyer for his case, but in vain.

Court asked the suspect to submit the claims for the judges to look into them. The next hearing is July 8, 2015..

Mbarushimana is facing charges of committing Genocide, complicity in Genocide, Conspiracy to commit Genocide, murder and extermination, among others. All these crimes allegedly took place in the 1994 Genocide in Kabuye, Dahwe, Gisagara, Ndora, Twarubona and nearby areas of Gisagara District, Southern Province.

The former teacher was extradited to Rwanda from Denmark in June 2014 – where he had been living with his wife and four children for 13 years.

Rwanda filed an extradition request way back in February 2012. The same year, Mbarushimana also later failed in his bid to challenge the extradition.





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