Rwandan lawmakers to spread anti-Genocide fora across the region



GENOCIDE FORUM IS TIMELY: Senate President, Bernard Makuza

The forum of Rwanda parliamentarians for the fight against Genocide and its ideology are poised to push for a new agenda aimed at having similar forums established in the East African region and beyond

Members of both chambers of Rwandan parliament say the new initiative will boost efforts to not only fight the Genocide ideology in Rwanda but also help spread the idea beyond Rwanda’s borders.

MP Theoneste Karenzi, the president of the forum, established Friday May 8, in line with the Constitution, said its primary goal is to engage members to actively participate in the fight against Genocide wherever it maybe.

“We enacted laws on genocide as leaders but we should be the first to lead the fight  push for the formation of similar forum in regional parliaments and beyond the continent” he said

At least 82 parliamentarians voluntarily registered to become members of the forum.

While launching the forum, Senate President, Bernard Makuza,  said the formation of the forum is timely and it will put emphasis on examining the root causes of the Genocide, and its planning and execution stages.

Makuza stressed forum members will then make concrete recommendations to effectively fight the deadly ideology that, according to the government is still present in the country

“The largest part of the forum’s energy will be focused on the last stage of genocide planning and implementation, which is the denial and trivialization of genocide. This is a task that needs all efforts and collective responsibility and action” Makuza said

This year, the country launched an agenda to fight against Genocide ideology and its denial throughout the ongoing 100-day commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Rwanda has also enacted a law against Genocide ideology, Genocide denial, and its trivialization. And at least 40 people were arrested this April for Genocide related offenses during the 21st Commemoration of the Genocide.