Rwandan students engage in early risk management


With just over 20 percent of Rwandans having life insurance, Prime Insurance Rwanda, a subsidiary Greenoaks Global Holdings Limited has started an agenda of sensitizing Rwandan students on the importance of insurance in an effort to cultivating the culture.

While training over hundred students who also participated in the Young Entrepreneurship Debate Championship 2015, Betty Sayinzoga, the Human Resources Manager at Prime Insurance said the move will encourage more young Rwandans to learn more about insurance and its benefits.

“Educating the young generation on the importance of saving and insurance has to start while children are still young. We are going to use our agents to reach out and educate more students in various schools so as to broaden this agenda,” Sayinzoga said.

The students were given tips on the importance of insurance, benefits and procedures of insurance companies in Rwanda, which was also part of the debate subjects that emerged in the competitions.

Sayinzoga urged students to start practicing and engaging themselves in good practices that can reduce risks in life.

“In other developed countries it is a culture to insure everyone. The child gets insured as soon as they are born. So it is important that we learn from others and start to save now and prepare for a better life as a young adult” she said.

Aime Nshuti, a student at Kagarama secondary school says that education on insurance gives him a chance to learn the importance of saving and preparing for life ahead.

“There is less information about the benefits of insurance among the young generation, but the fact is insurance is vital in one’s life and the risks of living an uninsured life are more than one can imagine” Nshuti said.

Innocent Ninsima, the chief judge of the Young Entrepreneurship Debate Championship, said that equipping students with knowledge on insurance will enable them to develop a critical mindset and become innovative entrepreneurs.