Rwandan teenage girl sentenced to prison for hacking teacher

A court in the Rwandan capital Kigali on Monday sentenced a teenage school girl to one year in Prison for attacking and hacking her teacher in August last year after accusing him of sexually abusing her.

The 17 year-old girl whose names have been concealed because she is a minor, a student at College St. André, a catholic based school in Nyamirambo, a Kigali suburb was found guilty of intent to harm the chemistry teacher Jean Baptiste Gasoma, who sustained head injuries following the attack.

Prosecution alleged that the student attacked the school teacher whom she had an affair with a machete in the school laboratory, after pretended that she wanted them to resolve their love affair differences. Court reduced her sentence by half because she is a minor under the law.

Court also fined her Rwf500.000 and ordered that her progress be monitored closely since it was evident that she has suffered from traumatic experiences as a result of a broken family background.

However prosecutors asked that the sentence be put on hold and the student be given time to pay the fine and appeal the sentence.

The cause of the student’s shocking attack, the first of its kind in Rwanda, remains a mystery in country’s education history, although there have been many conspiracy theories on the cause of the attack.

Testimonies from students, last year, showed that the teacher and the student had an intimate relationship and the latter had presumed a preferential treatment in chemistry exams, but in vain.

Upon  receiving her results, the student was not impressed and allegedly tried to forge them, but they didn’t correspond with the marks awarded by the teacher on the official mark list.

It is believed that the student complained and was asked to refer the issue to the dean of studies, but she didn’t have the patience to do that and resorted to attacking the teacher. “The girl didn’t wait to go to the director of studies for help; rather she took the matter into her own hands.” One of the students was quoted as saying last year.