Rwanda’s Teta single and loving it


99 PROBLEMS? BEING SINGLE AINT ONE: Teta in KT studios in Kigali. she is happily solo


Of all her worries, being single is none of them. Talented pop star Diana Teta is saying she is single and yes happy, so single fellas in town try your luck somewhere else.Her main focus right now is taking her music to another level.

This puts to rest (or does it?) all kinds of rumors that have been making rounds and local tabloids linking Kata hit maker to fellow musician Jules Sentore. She says they are just friends.


YOU BE THE JUDGE: Just friends?



Sentore and Teta

Word on Kigali streets has also been alleging the star might be planning to settle in Sweden as she recovers from a major breakup.

“I love the fact that am single and enjoying it because right now my music career is the only thing on my mind and I don’t want to mix it with other things,” Teta put the record straight while appearing on Kigali’s KT Radio recently.

The singer who is also believed to have had a fling with some lucky muzungu (White dude) denied the reports saying they are just friends.

Teta started singing back in 2010 as a backup singer for many local cultural troupes and artistes.

She finally shot to fame two years ago when she featured in a hit song Fata Fata. Changa Ikarita is her other popular song .