Somali severs ties with Iran

Somalia has joined Sudan and Djibouti and a host of other Arab nations in breaking off diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Somali Foreign Ministry announced Thursday

Mogadishu also gave all Iranian diplomats and embassy employees a 72-hour ultimatum to leave Somalia.

Somali authorities however, didn’t not link the move with the ongoing row between Iran and Saudi Arabia over the execution of 47 people including the Shiite Cleric Nimr al-Nimr a few days.  Instead, they say their decision to cut off relations with Iran was based on the fact that Tehran has been destabilizing Somalia.

“This step has been taken after careful consideration and in response to the Republic of Iran’s continuous interference in Somalia’s internal affairs.” Somalia Foreign Ministry said in a stamen Thursday after recalling the horn of African country’s diplomats from the Iranian capital.