Stromae saving the best for home

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST: Stromae family ties to Rwanda behind his plan to end his Africa tour in Kigali

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST: Stromae family ties to Rwanda behind his plan to end his Africa tour in Kigali

East West Home is the Best. And so the adage goes. According to the organizers of Stromae concert in Kigali, the International recognized Belgian-Rwandan singer Paul Van Haver aka Stromae, 30 will close up Africa tour in Rwanda because of family, not money.

Stormae’s show is due June 20, the last of his Africa tour and Judo Kanobana, one of the organizers of the concert told a Press Conference in Kigali Wednesday, meeting his family eye to eye is the reason Stromae chose to end his tour in Kigali.

“Stromae is a big star and seriously it’s hard to get money to pay him but money aside,he chose to conclude his Africa tour in Rwanda to spend more time with his family as well as getting to know more about his country Rwanda.” The Director of Positive Production, Kanobana said.

As the concert date draws closer, Stromae’s fans in country are pumped, they continue to post their love for the homeboy on Facebook and other social network sites.

“I can’t wait to see my favorite singer and fellow Rwandese performing live at Amahoro stadium after years watching him on internet,” Denise Mahoro, 1st year student at Kigali University told this website.

For students, they definitely plan to shelve their “damn” books come June 20.


“Education first but also Stromae’s show is one of a kind to be witnessed once in a life time because he is a superstar, it’s like waiting for Jay-z to perform at Madison square Garden,” Alison Karungi, Student at Uganda’s Nkuba University says.

The Formidable singer has done tremendous performances in Senegal and other countries but all he could say to journalists is how thrilled he is to wind up his tour in Rwanda.

Recently in an interview shortly after performing in Senegal, Stromae revealed that he doesn’t really know what’s waiting for him in Kigali.

“All I know am going to perform in my mother country but I don’t know what is waiting for me because deep inside my heart, I have for long wanted to connect and explore my roots.” He said.


The hottest ticket prices to see Stromae range from Rwf 1000 to Rwf 30,000.

The multi award winner’s Africa leg includes Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Rwanda.

Stromae has sold out concerts in North America and world A-list musicians like J-LO, Kanye West among others exploring ways to work with the boy.

 Who is Stromae?

Stromae was born in Belgium to a Rwandan father and a Flemish mother. His father, an architect, was mostly absent during his childhood and was killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

His mother raised him and his four siblings in Brussels, and later in a nearby suburb. She encouraged each of her children to play a sport and an instrument, and Stromae studied percussion.

His early influences were Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel. Stromae did not always feel that he was from Belgium, even though he was raised as a Belgian.

This “outsider” image became part of his appeal: the chorus of one of his songs runs, “I am, I was, and will remain, myself: neither one nor the other.”