Tanzania bids to quadruple tourist arrivals by 2017

Tourism earned $1.88 billion in 2013

Tourism earned $1.88 billion in 2013

Authorities in Tanzania expect the number of tourist arrivals to reach 4 million in the next two years, up from the current 1.2million, boosting the country’s economy by about US$ 7.5bn.

This was revealed by the newly appointed Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Prof Jumanne Maghembe in the capital Dar el Salaam on Monday soon after he was sworn-in along with six other ministers.

The new figures according to Prof Maghembe, will double the earlier five-year marketing blueprint figures rolled out in 2013 by the Tanzania Tourism Board, which indicated that 2 million tourists will visit East Africa’s second largest economy 2017, raising revenues to the industry to US$3.8billion.

This comes amid concerns from economic analysts that the high taxes in the East African nation are making the country expensive for visitors.

The new minister told the press “We can annually increase the number of tourist visitors up to 4million, we will improve revenue generation from all sectors including forests.”

He said the ministry will work around the clock to protect all natural resources for the benefit of the entire nation.
Maghembe declared war on poachers who he said have dragged the country to unacceptable level of poverty, adding that other areas which can generate more revenue is tourism hunting.

Dr Henry Chalu of University of Dar es Salaam Business School told the Afrika Reporter that the government will only attain its ambitions only if all illegal systems are well checked.

“Tourism can potentially contribute to the National Gross Domestic Product—GDP and thus improve livelihoods but proper supervision of the sector is required,” he noted.

Tanzania recorded its highest tourist arrivals in 2013 at 1 million visitors raking in $1.88 billion.