Tanzania: opposition will not join Magufuli gov’t, plans to reveal fraud evidence

WE ARE GATHERING EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD: UKAWA and Chadema Presidential Candidate Edward

WE ARE GATHERING EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD: UKAWA and Chadema Presidential Candidate Edward Lowassa

The main opposition in Tanzania has announced it will not work with the new government under newly elected President John Magufuli, claiming the current head of state is not legitimate.

UKAWA’s decision comes 10 days after President John Magufuli was inaugurated.

The opposition alliance maintains Magufuli is president as a result of massive fraud that was carried by the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) and the country’s electoral commission.

Former Prime Minister Edward Lowassa, UKAWA and Chadema’s presidential candidate and the loser of last month’s highly contested election told reporters in Dar es Salaam says his members  will still be part of the National Assembly that is due open next Tuesday.

It should be noted that ten years ago opposition party Chadema declined to be part of President Jakaya Kikwete’s government.

Lowassa  also said the  opposition is currently gathering evidence will soon reveal  how the electoral commission and CCM rigid and “doctored” the results to ensure Magufuli  was victorious.

On Saturday, UKAWA alliance parties;  Chadema, NCCR-Mageuzi, NLD national  met with the Zanzibar and Civic United Front (CUF) Presidential Candidate  Seif Sharif Hamad in Dar es Salaam to chart the way forward.

Mr. Hamad himself is embroiled in political battle with the election commission on the semi-autonomous Island following their decision to annul last month’s poll citing rampant rigging. Hamad has declared himself winner of the poll fending off challenge of the ruling party candidate.

Edward Lowassa has called the Zanzibar Elector Commission (ZEC) to affirm Hamad’s victory but the commission is planning to organize new polls on the Isles.

The Monduli native came in second with 40% of the vote has also denounced the country’s laws that bar citizens and institutions to challenge election results in the courts of law.

Opposition can and will not sue the government in courts regardless of the kind and the amount of evidence they have that rigging and fraud took place.