Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz to throw mega bash after baby’s DNA results

Diamond Platinumz and Zari

Diamond Platinumz and Zari

East Africa’s Award Winning musician Nasseb Abdul aka Diamond Platnumz is planning to throw a lavish party in celebration of the DNA test results which finally proved that he is the biological father of Ugandan socialite Hassan Zari’s daughter.

The paternity of Diamond Platnumz’s daughter, Latifah, with girlfriend, Zari, has been subject of debate and gossip since the baby’s birth with two other men rumoured to be the baby’s father: Zari’s ex-husband, South African based Ugandan businessman Ivan Ssemwanga and a Tanzanian business tycoon.

A DNA test was conducted on Diamond, his baby mama, Zari Hassan, and her daughter Latifah Dangote. Platnumz went for the DNA test following pressure from fans and critics who claimed the singer may not be the baby’s daddy.

It had been reported that Tifah, as the baby is fondly called, might belong to Zari’s ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, or a Tanzanian business tycoon Zari had been linked with. The DNA test was conducted in a South African hospital and when the results confirmed Platnumz is indeed Tifah’s father, the singer reportedly burst into tears of joy.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Platnumz said: “People talked a lot, created a lot of lies. I was not worried nonetheless. All through, I knew the baby is mine; though just to make myself happier and more peaceful, I decided to conduct a DNA test on Tifah. Tifah is my daughter, completely! I am extremely overjoyed by the results (DNA). That’s why I am now freer, happier and having a good time. When you happen to visit my office, you will notice I have hung framed photos of Tifah everywhere. I am not worried at all. I can now courageously face my critics.”

“God is great, people can always make you crazy, mock you but God replies handsomely, she is my true blood,” said the super star.

Diamond Platinumz and daughter Tifah

Diamond Platinumz and daughter Latifah

Even Platnumz’s mother had doubted her son was Tifah’s biological father. Sources say she felt her son was taking care of another man’s daughter. The couple gave birth to Latifah Dangote on August 6, 2015. Platnumz famously refused to unveil her face until September 20, 2015. The then two-month-old was made a brand ambassador of a Tanzanian bank, NMB bank.