Tension mounts as DRC deploys along Uganda border

paddy ankunda

LT. COL. Paddy Ankunda, Ugandan Military Spokesman.Photo;STEPHEN WANDERA/Monitor


The Democratic Republic of Congo has deployed heavily armed Special Forces along the border with Uganda amidst growing allegations that the Uganda army has invaded its territory.

The Congolese government forces (FARDC) Commander in the North Kivu province, General Muhindo Akili Mundosi, said that Uganda forces entered the DRC territory through the Rwenzori areas in North-Kivu Province and have been there for a week, and that the DRC deployment is aimed at protecting his country’s territory.

He further claims that the soldiers in question are putting on Ugandan army uniforms, bearing the Uganda flag and that they were seen in the villages near Mount Rwenzori on 22nd April.

The Special Forces of Democratic Republic of Congo army (FARDC) are now camped and patrolling the villages of Kalehaleha, Kalindera and Mumbiri.

However, the UPDF denies reports that it had deployed a contingent of soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Major Ronald Kakurungu, the 2nd Division spokesperson insists that the UPDF has not crossed the borders and has only Liaison Officers who are working alongside the DRC government soldiers.

Army Spokesman Lt. Col Paddy Ankunda when contacted by this website also denied Uganda having deployed soldier inside the vast central African state.