The world needs to come to an end


The other night, while I checked into my local Japanese joint for some much needed sushi – one of the very few things that I missed while on vacation, I met a kind human at the bar who I’ll refer to as JC.

After much talk about various topics, JC shared this YouTube clip ( it is quite profound. In fact, it summarizes numerous concerns that I have been addressing herein on social media and social circles.

I, 100% cosign with the spoken words on this clip. Pay attention. Knowledge is in session; wisdom in procession.

Politicians, tyrant leaders, business men and a fleet of several shakers and movers among the powers that be, will have you convinced that there are several solutions to all the bullshit going on in the world as we have been led to know and accept.

35, 000 kids die globally each day as a result of man-made hunger and starvation. In the time that you have read this post, thus far, several innocent kids have taken their last breath as result of preventable, greed-inspired, man-made poverty.

Unlike certain natural phenomena, poverty is unnatural and intentional. It is promoted and sustained by the wickedness of diabolical so called leaders of the free world. We have messed things beyond repair.

Sometimes, you can patch an old denim however many times you want, but it’ll never be the same or even fit enough to be considered clothing. Time to buy a new pair of jeans. The soup is too salty and we keep diluting it with more water which inadvertently continues to rubbish the quality of the soup. Time for a different recipe.

Therefore, it is quite essential to know whose narrative you’re living within the perimeters of the programmed aquarium that you currently think you’re existing in.

Look within and around, the mental conditioning and social engineering is quite pervasive and evident.

There is a genocide going on right now in the Middle East. A fucking holocaust that majority of the people seem to be oblivious about. Its effects will last beyond our times. We will look back and wonder how so much evil took place in Syria and beyond while we were busy focusing on the mundane day-to-day hustles. Between the thinking of the thinkers and the praying of the prayerful, I hope the genocide comes to an end soon and poverty gets solved and obsolete within my lifetime.

I like to consider myself a pragmatist; however, lately I’ve been inclined to accept that at times, coincidence is nothing, but coincidence.

Such is the case when I met JC. If I have learned anything in all my travels across five continents heretofore, it is that LOVE is the only solution.

That’s the start and the end: LOVE.