Transparency International endorses Rwanda’s plan to rid sports of corruption

Ms Immaculee Ingabire, head of  International-Rwanda

Ms Immaculee Ingabire, head of International-Rwanda

Anti-graft agency Transparency International (TI)-Rwanda has welcomed the move by the government to prosecute suspected criminals involved in sporting bribery and corruption allegations that have rocked the country for years.

Immaculee Ingabire, the Country Representative  of Transparency International said that the country has many traces of corruption in the sporting fraternity especially in football and the move by the Justice Department to address the issues is a good one.

Ingabire said that the reluctance to address the issue before had resulted in corruption rooting in the society and yet there have been many reports and pleas made by the community over the growing cases of corruption in sports.

“We cannot continue to be quiet about this kind of corruption in sports. We have had many examples of bribery in some projects like that of the Ferwafa hotel and Gahanga stadium and we shouldn’t promote this,” Ingabire told local media.

Last week, the Secretary General of Rwanda football federation (FERWAFA), Olivier Murindahabi was arrested on allegations of corruption in the tendering process of the proposed construction of a four star multi-million federation’s hotel in the capital Kigali.

During her recent visit to Rwanda, the Head of Transparency International, Elena A. Ponfilava urged Rwandans to avoid corruption in the sporting sector in order to promote it both locally and globally.

Ponfilava cautioned that corruption is bound to destroy the sports culture if the sporting fraternity continues to operate illicit deals.

“The sports administration doesn’t operate in openness, sometimes we don’t even know how ministers and federation officials are appointed and elected and this breeds corruption tendencies,” she noted