TZ extradites wanted rebel leader to Uganda

Jamil Mukulu surrounded by Tanzanian prison guards as he fought extradition to Uganda in May.(AP Photo/Khalfan Said, File)

Jamil Mukulu surrounded by Tanzanian prison guards as he fought extradition to Uganda in May (AP Photo/Khalfan Said).

After a lengthy battle fighting extradition to Uganda, Tanzania has handed the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel commander Jamil Mukulu to the Ugandan authorities for trial.

Last month a Dar es Salaam court ruled in favour of Mukulu’s extradition to Uganda where he is wanted on murder charges, but Mukulu had been contesting the court decision on grounds he wouldn’t get a fair trial.

“Having been satisfied with the supplementary information and evidence that had been filed, this court is contented that the respondent is wanted by the Republic of Uganda for murder charges only.” Principal Resident Magistrate, Cyprian Mkeha of the Kisutu Resident Magistrates’ Court in Dar es Salaam said after handing down the ruling in June.

In the course of the extradition proceedings, the Judge had tasked the Ugandan authorities to prove that when and if transferred to Uganda, Jamil Mukulu would just face murder charges, not terrorism, treason or any other political crime counts, and they did provide evidence to that effect.

Afrika Reporter understands Mukulu left Tanzania Friday afternoon on a chartered plane with Ugandan security officials in tow, and arrived at Entebbe International Airport in the evening. He is reportedly being held at an undisclosed location.

The rebel leader was captured in Tanzania this April after crossing into the country from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), at the time of his arrest, he was arrested for illegally possessing a fire-arm before authorities knew who he was.

Prior to his arrest Mukulu was believed to be a regular traveler across the East African region using fake passports and aliases. In 2012 alone, the Ugandan army compiled a list of over 13 aliases that Mukulu was using to cross borders.

The rebel leader has been implicated in the Busoga murders in Eastern Uganda. Suspects arrested in connection to the murders, according to the Uganda Police have confessed to have long conversations with Mukulu.

Jamil Mukulu started the Allied Democratic Front rebel group to fight against what he considered marginalization of the Muslim community in Uganda. The war, to date has never ended despite his forces being pushed into North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He was once a catholic before converting to Islam