TZ legendary singer, Banza Stone is dead

Banza Stone is dead

Banza Stone is dead

Tanzania singer-songwriter Ramadhan Masanja aka ‘Banza Stone,’ of Mtaji wa Masikini and ‘Elimu ya Mjinga, has died today at his home in Dar es Salaam.

Banza Stone, who also composed the theme song ‘Mtu Pesa’ died at home, Sinza-vatcan, Friday after a long illness, according to his brother, Shaban Masanja.

He had been battling brain abscess for some time, he said.

He hit the top of the charts as a singer in the 1990s with Aungurumapo Simba. He worked with a number of bands; Afrikan Stars ‘Twanga Pepeta’, TOT Plus, Bambino and later joined Extra Bongo.

He will be remembered as the country’s legendary singer-songwriter of dance music.