TZ police-ADF leader was originally picked up for illegal gun possession


Jamil Mukulu (2nd from R) and his fighters in his rebellion days

Details have started emerging on how Jamil Mukulu, the leader of the rebel Allied Democratic Front-ADF was arrested in Tanzania.

According to Advera Senso, the Tanzania Police spokeswoman Mukulu was picked up by Tanzania Police for illegal gun possession and detained at Kagera Police Station on April 28th.   She says the suspect was later transferred to Dar es Salaam after ascertaining that he had features as those of the wanted ADF rebel leader Jamil Mukulu.

Senso says Tanzania Police contacted Uganda Police Force on April 30th to provide facial identification and photos of the suspect, which were dispatched through International Police. She explains that on receiving the photos it was confirmed that the suspect in their custody is indeed Jamil Mukulu.

Tanzania Police has also established that the suspect has a home in Kagera, Tanzania. Uganda Police has since filed an application before Tanzania High Court for the extradition of Mukulu to face trial back home.

However, the Director Interpol-Uganda, Asan Kasingye says extradition will take some time. He told this website on Wednesday that the extradition process sometimes drags on for years adding that it may take time to bring Jamil Mukulu to face Justice.

Kasingye who led a team from Uganda to Tanzania to identify and file the application before Tanzania High Court says he identified the suspect to be Jamil Mukulu.

According to Kasingye, the suspect also confessed to be Jamil Mukulu. The Ugandan investigators filed an arrest warrant, identification papers and Jamil Mukulu’s passport details to support the application.  Tanzania High Court has started hearing the application.

Once the court allows the application, Mukulu will be extradited to Uganda to face charges of aggravated murder and treason for his alleged participation in the murder of sheikhs and declaring rebellion against the government over Uganda.