TZ to ban plastic bag use


Tanzania plans ban the use of plastic bags as it adopts new environmental regulations aimed at combatting pollution and environmental degradation.

Emulating countries like Rwanda and Uganda, the government seeks to forbid the use, production and vending of plastic bags across the country.

The new regulations also include measures to scale-down on use of industrial chemicals that potentially and uncontrolled waste smoldering that affect the ozone layer.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Vice President’s Office, Eng Angelina Madete said in Dar es Salaam Monday the plan seeks to preserve the country from unfriendly environmental attacks.

She said her office is prepared to meet with key players including big companies to execute the plan.

She said that already her office is surveying mining sites, water resources, the ocean, lakes and others to see how best the regulations can be implemented.

“In order to safeguard the environment people need to be well educated and given appropriate information, in the process, we have decided to come up with the new idea which will force each municipal to plant not less than 1.5 million trees annually to mitigate the polluted environment.” Madete said.

Magdalena Mtenga Assistant Director, Environmental Pollution Control Section, said the public should avoid use of banned plastic bags in the market.

She stressed  plastic bags are among the causes of environmental toxic waste thus are prohibited to be circulated in the local market.

She is urging people to stop using plastic bags and find alternative paper bags as part of protecting the environment against unwarranted pollution.