TZ’s ‘Delivering as One’ agencies awarded over $1.5 m

UN Resident Coordinator Mr Alvaro Rodriquez greeting a child

UN Resident Coordinator Mr Alvaro Rodriquez greeting a child

The United Nations agencies implementing ‘Delivering as One’ initiative in Tanzania have been awarded a $1.674million (Tsh3.1billion) grant from the Spanish Government to undertake community development projects in the country.

The support comes from the government’s Sustainable Development Goals Fund (SDGF) and would target some projects under the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF).

The new development was today announced by UN Resident Coordinator Mr Alvaro Rodriquez who paid a visit to Chasimba village in Bagamoyo district, Coastal Region. He was accompanied by Spanish Ambassador to Tanzania Luis Cuesta Civis.

The village is among the first eight Project Area Authorities in which the initial activity (pre-wave) of the Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN) was implemented by TASAF.

“We are delighted with this collaboration between the government and people of Tanzania with Spain and One UN. Working with the most vulnerable people in each community, this project provides support in cash and on social and productive infrastructure for communities” Mr, Rodriguez said

The UN Representative added “Poor families can now send their boys and girls to school, participate in saving schemes and raise their incomes. Our joint goal is to end absolute poverty in Tanzania,”

Amb Civis said “Spain believes in multilateralism, Spain believes in the UN System, and Spain believes in the ability of Local Governments to promote sustainable human development in the communities they serve.

The project targets poor women and children as well as people with disabilities in rural Tanzania helping them with income generating schemes among other things.

This is one of several projects that brings together different stakeholders from the district and regional levels, the UN and the donor community all working together to eradicate poverty across the country.

TASAF Executive Director, Mr. Ladislaus Mwamanga said Chasimba Community is motivated to participate in education subprojects that will benefit children in the area, and eventually the entire community.