Uganda accuses US, EU of plotting to overthrow Museveni

Museveni won by over 60% of the vote

Museveni won by over 60% of the vote.

The Ugandan government has accused Washington and the European Union of working with various groups in Uganda to overthrow the government of President Yoweri Museveni.

In a strongly worded statement released on Thursday , government Spokesman Ofwono Opondo said that they have information that some groups in the US and European Union , including diplomats accredited to Uganda, funded and are still funding opposition elements in Uganda to cause regime change outside the constitutional framework.

“The US, which uses raw power to project its influence and interests around the world, is the least competent to ask other nations for democratic accountability. Uganda’s democracy is progressing well and we are satisfied with both the pace and achievements registered so far,” said Ofwono Opondo, who was responding to criticism from US Ambassador to Uganda Ms Deborah Malac of the recent controversial elections.

Ofwono Opondo, who is also the Executive Director of the state-run Uganda Media Centre said that the government of Uganda takes “strong exception” to the continued criticism from Ambassador Deborah Malac, whom he accused of ignoring facts about the 2016 elections, including a report filed by Rupiah Banda, the former Zambian president who led an observer group funded by the US government, which endorsed the election as credible.

Opondo says the ambassador preferred to base her opinions on “unfair” and “shallow” EU reports and dared any one criticizing the government to come up with alternative results to those of the Electoral Commission.

“Since the publication of the Uganda Presidential Election results, none of the observer groups has come out with credible evidence to challenge the results posted by the Electoral Commission,” he said, adding that it is strange that Ambassador Malac does not refer to the report her government commissioned and she does not acknowledge that the late delivery of ballot materials was in only two out of 112 districts in Uganda.

“ These were isolated incidents and indeed time was extended and all voters who wished to vote did cast their votes, and those votes were counted, tallied and added to final results,” he noted.

The US Ambassador Ms. Deborah Malac has continued to condemn the Museveni regime for harassing its opposition opponents.
The Ambassador while addressing students on Wednesday questioned Uganda’s responsibility to protect basic freedoms of her citizens.
“A country that does not respect the rights and freedoms of its own people can never be truly secure,” “We believe Ugandan people deserve to live in a country where every voice is heard and matters,” she added.

She further told the students that a stronger democracy, and a government accountable to its people, will create an environment where all Ugandans can thrive. The Ambassador has also previously questioned the manner in which the 2016 general elections were handled.