Uganda: Besigye wins FDC presidential nomination

Besigye and Muntu

Besigye and Muntu

“Bottom line is you have to have support and I think I have demonstrable support,” Col. Kizza Besigye, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate said last Sunday in response to the FDC presidential debate moderator on why the party’s delegates should choose him as the flag bearer.

Besigye’s assertion proved true last night when he trounced his rival Gen. Mugisha Muntu to win the main opposition party’s flag for the forthcoming presidential election.

Dr Kiiza Besigye, 59, who won by 718 delegate votes, while Muntu got 289, has in the past ran for president and lost three times (2001, 2006 and 2011) to President Yoweri Museveni.

FDC will now make their case to The Democratic Alliance (TDA), an opposition coalition in Uganda, for Besigye to be the joint opposition candidate and take on Museveni yet again in the 2016 poll.

“This marks the beginning of the real work, hard work, difficult work… I have every confidence that we can achieve what is ahead of us,” Besigye told FDC delegates at Nambole Stadium near the capital Kampala where they had gathered to select their nominee.

The incumbent president of the party wasted no time conceding defeat to Besigye and pledging to do all he can to support his for bush war colleague in the fight to dethrone the ruling NRM and Museveni.

“I am a democrat……. I don’t fight for positions, I fight for principles and causes. I’m going to swing the party infrastructure behind him (Besigye). We will succeed,” Muntu said in his concession speech.

Besigye, who was once Museveni’s doctor during the liberation war in the 80s has been drawing mammoth crowds in his campaign rallies although his supporters have to put up with police harassment and imprisonment among other things.

Besigye himself has been harassed, beaten, arrested and imprisoned several times over the (just recently in July) but he has been relentless in his quest for the presidency and regime change.