Uganda increases Security expenditure

Uganda's Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija

DEFENSE SPENDING ESSENTIAL: Uganda’s Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija

With an extra 400 billion Shillings added to Uganda’s security budget from the last financial year, the sector becomes the third most funded in the national budget.

Security, which was allocated 1.63 trillion Shillings in the ambitious 24 trillion Shillings national budget came just below the works and transport and education ministries.

The bulk of the funding to the sector will go to the Ministry of Defence under which the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces lie.

In his speech to Parliament, the country’s Finance Minister Matia Kasaija said that the country’s focus will continue to rely on security and that they will fund the UPDF to carry out further recruitment, acquire state of the art weaponry and undertake peace-keeping missions in Somalia and Central African Republic.

The minister also stressed that specific emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of weaponry, strengthening the intelligence capacity and training for soldiers.

Uganda’s army is actively involved in three conflicts outside the borders which require huge funding. Part of these missions includes the South Sudan mission, the Somalia war against the Al-shabaab militia and the Central African Republic deployment to fight LRA leader Joseph Kony.

A section of soldiers is also actively involved in monitoring the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo for ADF elements. The UPDF already committed 83 billion Shillings of this year’s budget in ‘contractual engagements’ according to the accountability they provided to the Defence Committee of Parliament.