Uganda seeks extradition of two other suspected ADF Rebels in Tanzania

Uganda Police Spokesman Fred Enanga

Uganda Police Spokesman Fred Enanga

The Uganda police has sent more documents to the government of Tanzania to seek extradition of two other people arrested together with Jamil Mukulu, the leader of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

The two; Omar Abdullah Mukuta and Mohammed Matovu Ssebataka are alleged to be Allied Democratic Front (ADF) rebel group members.

They were arrested in Tanzania on various suspicions that are yet to be revealed and were, like Mukulu, found with Tanzania and DRC passports.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says an application has been sent to Tanzanian authorities to extradite the two suspects together with Mukulu.

He adds that the state seeks to integrate the extradition process of the two suspects into the ongoing hearing involving Mukulu.

The two unlike Jamil Mukulu have no pending warrant or arrests but are wanted on charges of Conspiring with Jamil Mukulu to murder, commit terrorism activities and treason. Interpol Uganda headed by Assan Kasingye has already completed the identification process and now awaits court hearing on the case of the two.

A Tanzanian court today ( 25th May ) resumed hearing of the extradition case involving a suspect believed to be Allied Democratic Front rebel leader Jamil Mukulu On Friday last week the court heard final submissions from the Ugandan security agencies that have, on their team, a member from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions in Uganda.

The Ugandan government is arguing that Mukulu is a wanted criminal in Uganda with charges against him and two warrants for his arrest and prosecution. Mukulu, who asked for time to present his defence, started his defence of the extradition proceedings today when the court resumed.

The suspect believed to be Mukulu was arrested in Tanzania on charges of illegal arms possession and detained at Kagera Police Station before he was transferred to Dar-es-Salaam after his identity had been discovered.

Mukulu is the commander of the Allied Democratic Front – ADF rebels that started a war in Western Uganda for what they believed was the marginalization of Muslims.  He fast transferred the war into the Eastern DRC after his rebel force was routed off Ugandan soil by the UPDF. He has been on the run and in hiding utill his arrest last month.