Ugandan army refutes illegal mass eviction reports

The Uganda People Defense Force (UPDF) is denying recent media reports that the military will unlawfully evict about 6000 families from a 20sq mile land in Nakasongola District.

NTV-Uganda aired a story over the weekend that 6000 families are facing undue eviction from a land owned by the Ugandan army in Nakasongola, Central Uganda near Luwero Town.

The Nation Media-owned television station interview angry, worried and sobbing residents that accused the government and President Yoweri Museveni of betraying them by grabbing their land.

In a statement via Uganda Media Center in the Ugandan presidency Monday, Major Kiconco Tabaro, Air Force Spokesperson assured residents in the area not to worry and that all those up for eviction will be duly compensated.

The army says they have owned the land in question since the 1970s, and people who have settled on the land in the past have always been appropriately compensated by the government, Gen. Joshua Masaba the commandant of Uganda Air Force Academy Nakasongola, and the Special Presidential Advisor on Air Force matters said.

The military maintains the “UPDF respects and upholds the rights of occupants as defined by law and there will be no unlawful eviction of civilians on our land whatsoever”.

”‘We want to assure the people of our commitment to serve them because we are a pro-people army.’ Maj.Gen. Sam Turyagenda, Commander Air force Division said

According to NTV report, if the land is vacated, the military plans to relocate an Entebbe-based army base to Nakasongola.