Ugandan authorities arrest 4 terror suspects


Fred Enanga, Uganda Police Spokesman


The Ugandan Police has confirmed arrest of 4 individuals suspected of having links to al-Shabaab, a terror group behind the recent deadly attack at Garissa University College in Kenya that left nearly 150 people dead.

Reports in local media indicate 1 suspect; a Kenyan man of Somali decent was arrested over the weekend at a student hostel near Makerere University in Kampala.

“He was found with pictures of the hostel and several pictures of warfare, including one in which he held a human head,” Fred Enanga, Uganda Police spokesman told Daily Monitor, a Ugandan daily.

Also today, a police operation picked up 3 men at a hideout in Kyengera, near Kampala. The men were found with explosives and terrorism-related material.

These developments come days after heightened terror alert in Kampala and intense security following warnings by the US government of possible terror attacks targeting places frequented by westerners, and of a suicide-bomber trying to enter the country.

Last week a high profile prosecutor in the 2010 al-shabaab twin-bombing trial was gunned down in Kampala.

East Africa nowadays is on the edge, over the weekend, authorities in Tanzania intensified security after reports surfaced on social media warning of impeding terror attacks in Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, two major cities in the country.
All these developments coincide with the fact that Kenya is still reeling from last week’s mayhem.