Ugandan Police arrests woman suspected of stealing over 100 cars

Uganda Police Spokesman Fred Enanga

Uganda Police Spokesman Fred Enanga

The Ugandan police is holding Daisy Ainomugasho, a suspected leader of a woman gang of three for the 27th time on charges of car theft and obtaining money by false pretence.

Police says the 47 year old masterminded the theft of more than 100 cars which she and her accomplices hired from different people, forged log books which were issued to money lenders as security. She was arrested together with Grave Kubalungi and Olivia Kobusingye, her associates.

Nicholas Nyakoojo, the director of Frikasa Investment, a money lending firm that has lost over 10 million Shillings to Daisy and her friends reported the matter to police upon realizing that the trio had conned him.

He says that one of the arrested persons Grace Kabalungi deposited a log book for a motor vehicle a Toyota Noah as security and later issued him a bank cheque with a wrong signature.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that Ainomugasho has a case file on car theft and conning money lenders at police stations in Kampala, Entebbe, Mukono and Wakiso districts.

“She has been arrested before on various other cases involving obtaining money by false pretense through selling land that does not belong to her, blackmailing foreigners and theft.

Meanwhile, the commandant of the Special Investigations Division (SID) of the Ugandan Police Force Charles Kataratambi has been arrested on charges of mismanaging a case.

Kataratambi was on Wednesday suspended from office pending investigations into alleged professional misconduct by him and some of his officers.

He was however arrested on Friday reportedly on instructions from President Yoweri Museveni to Police Chief Kale Kayihura. Kataratambi was arrested together with two other officers whose identity is yet to be revealed but are believed to be his right hand men.

Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson could neither deny nor confirm the arrest when contacted by this website but says he was aware that the Commissioner is being investigated by the Professional Standard Unit. He declined to divulge information on the investigation.

According to sources, the police boss was arrested after a complaint was presented to the president against his conduct while investigating a case of fraud in which, a number of people are alleged to have connived and stole $1.45 million (4.2 billion Shillings) from Equity Bank.

The case in which Equity Bank, a Kenyan based bank is the complainant was filed at Jinja Road Police in March 2015, and later the file was forwarded to the Special Investigations Division.

The police file indicates that three people withdrew money to a tune of $1.45million (4.2billion Shillings) from Equity Banks Oasis mall branch from an account owned by a South Sudanese national.

Ten minutes after the withdrawal, the account owner also withdrew the same amount at a branch in Juba, South Sudan capital. The bank only realised the double withdrawal three days day later.

Three suspects, whose identity have been withheld not to compromise investigations, were in the first week of investigations arrested and after about a month in detention, one of the suspect revealed that he had part of the money.

The suspect says in a written statement he made to the investigating police officers that $450,000 was in his house and said his wife would hand it over to the police.

However, police records indicate that the suspects were later released on police bond but there is no record of whether the money was recovered from the suspect’s home.

On Friday last week, James Mwangi the Equity Bank CEO met with President Museveni at State House Entebbe and reportedly complained about the disappearance of the recovered money.

In their complaint to the president, Equity Bank top management claimed that the police officers investigating the crime acted unprofessionally during investigations prompting the president to order their arrest.

Katarambi has handled several prominent cases including the Mukono-Katosi road fraud and the murder of Police ASP Joseph Bigirwa.


  • dsyliver

    Very shocked with the news. Ideally what comes into my mind that FAT LADY ought to have potential connection in the Ugandan police. … Common sense is always not common, people like this needs not to be prosecuted. Why, 27times arrested on similar offenses then what are you trying to investigate. No lest forget about human rights here, all those who have suffered under her pretense and theft don’t they have Rights. In my case, would suggest such people be lined up and shot dead.