Ugandan prosecutor in al-Shabab trial gunned down on Kampala streets

Region on high security alert



Late Joan Kagezi

This morning many Ugandans and East Africans are waking up to heightened security in the region following last night’s shooting death of Ms Joan Kagezi, the chief prosecutor in the al-Shabab 2010 bombings’ trial.

The ongoing high profile trial involves 13 men accused of bombing and killing 76 people watching 2010 World Cup football match in Kampala.

Kagezi, who was driving home, was shot by unidentified gunmen who had trailed her on a motorcycle, according to Kampala Police
“They were trailing her on a motorcycle…. They shot her dead.” Patrick Onyango, Kampala Police Spokesman said shortly after Kagezi’s death. She died as she was being transported to Uganda’s Main hospital, Mulago.

Joan Kagezi up until her death was acting assistant director of public prosecution. Her assassination comes just days after the United States warned of terror attacks in the Ugandan capital Kampala targeting Westerners.

Uganda has contributed significant amount of troops to the African Union Mission in Somalia to fight al-Shabab, the al-Qaeda linked militants.