Uganda’s Abdul Mulaasi; I’m very much alive

I'M ALIVE: Abdul Mulaasi in action

I’M ALIVE: Abdul Mulaasi in action.Photo/Nicholas Oneal

Uganda’s popular Kadongo Kamu singer Abdul Mulaasi famous in East Africa for his insatiable love of all things SHE has taken to social media to debunk rumors of his demise.

Abdul Mulaasi’s death rumors have been making rounds on social media showing the ‘Swimming Pool’ hit maker in a casket to the dismay of his ardent fans, and the entire East African music community.

Through his Facebook page, singer Mulaasi aka Rasta Smart calmed his fans that he is much alive and as a matter of fact he is cooking something for them.

“Am much alive, the picture showing me in a casket is a snap shot from my upcoming new video, so my fans take heart and enjoy my music because soon am dropping another massive hit,” He posted

Abdul Mulaasi shot to fame early 2000s when his hit single Farm depicting his love of female creatures became a massive hit across the region.

Thanks to the incredible success of his Farm single, Abdul Mulaasi around ranked among the best selling Kadongo Kamu artistes in Uganda, he was also beloved within the Ugandan Diaspora.

Back to his death that never happened, word on the streets has it that the faded singer instigated the whole thing to promote his upcoming album and perhaps make a comeback on the music scene.