Uganda’s Museveni: Mbabazi partly responsible for the mess

President Museveni ties Mbabazi to failures

President Museveni ties Mbabazi to failures

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has responded to former ally and Prime Minister, John Patrick Amama Mbabazi’s announcement he is running for president saying Mbabazi is responsible for some of the failures in the 30 years of the National Resistance Movement rule in Uganda.

Museveni in a televised statement on Monday night admitted that corruption has not been fought.

He however said there were some gains in the fight against corruption in institutions where effort was invested in the fight against the vice.

The President cited the example of Uganda Revenue Authority under Allen Kagina and now Kampala Capital City Authority.  He said Kampala Capital City Authority under Jennifer Musisi has greatly improved despite her administration being fought by several proxies.

In a statement made shortly after he had  just returned from the African Union Summit in South Africa President Museveni also admitted there were some failures in the governance system as per Amama Mbabazi’s statement.

Museveni charged, Mbabazi who served as Prime Minister,  Movement Secretary General of National Resistance party  as well as  Minister of Defence and Security had the opportunity to rectify some of the issues raised in his statement.

Mbabazi who has been an ally and friend to President Museveni on Monday declared he was to contest for Presidency within the ruling NRM as its flag bearer; and later on in the whole country for President in the 2016 Presidential elections.

Amama Mbabazi has formerly announced he will challenge President Yoweri Museveni for NRM presidential nomination

Amama Mbabazi has formerly announced he will challenge President Yoweri Museveni for NRM presidential nomination

Some of the areas that Mbabazi promises to tackle include improvement of education. Through a youtube message Mbabazi did not mention about provision of free mathematical sets to students, President Museveni seems to have received more information about what Mbabazi plans in his manifesto.Museveni said the education sector funding has greatly increased to over two trillion shillings.

He says Mbabazi who until last year was Prime Minister should have implemented those plans since he was in charge of cabinet.

Museveni throughout the statement kept on flipping through pictures of schools that he said his administration has constructed during his tenure in office. The pictures were mainly of storied school buildings from different parts of the country

He said he was willing to meet Mbabazi for further discussions. Sources however say that Museveni was meeting Amama Mbabazi and Prime Minsiter Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda by the time his recorded television address was being aired on Kampala-based televisions.

President’s Press Secretary Linda Nabusayi had earlier tweeted saying the President wanted to meet Mbabazi to find out whether he personally sanctioned seditious material that been circulating on social media in the past few months.

A number of suspects have so far been arrested and have mentioned the former premier as the brain behind the recordings in which two people believed to be Bahima and Bakiga abuse each other’s tribe.

The president early this month warned against the tribal utterances that he said could lead to tribal conflict in a country recovering from many years of tribalism and internal conflicts.