Uganda’s ruling NRM Diaspora in global mobilization drive

Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni: NRM’s likely flag bearer in next year’s poll

Members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Global Diaspora League are set for a worldwide tour in which they will travel to eight countries and fourteen cities in three months.

According to a release signed by the NRM Global Diaspora Chairman Abbey Kigozi Walusimbi, the tour will kick off in the United States (US) in Boston, Massachusetts on April 24.

This will be followed by trips to Chicago, Illinois, Los Angeles, California, Washington DC, New York, Atlanta Georgia and Dallas, Texas between April 26 to 28.

The group will then travel to Europe, with the first stopover in Oslo, Norway on May 13 and 14, followed by Stockholm, Sweden and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Other countries to be visited in Europe include Iceland, Denmark and Germany on June 6.

Later, on July 16 the group travels to Canada. “Our Canadian tour will be kicked off in Edmonton Alberta Canada and stay tuned for updates as we traverse the globe in the NRM spirit, and remember, the Ugandan General Elections are scheduled in Feb 2016,” Walusimbi reminds the cadres.

Efforts to contact Walusimbi for comments about those who comprise the team and how much it will cost the party were futile as his known phones were off by press time.

Uganda is set to hold elections early next year and the move by the Diaspora League seems to be aimed at mobilizing the NRM party’s cadres across the globe into a galvanized entity to marshal support and raise funds for the campaigns, which begin later in the year.