UKAWA launches campaign manifesto, vows to overhaul economy

UKAWA presidential candidate Edward Lowassa addressing thousands of supporters Saturday

UKAWA presidential candidate Edward Lowassa addressing thousands of supporters Saturday

The Coalition of Peoples Constitution (UKAWA), an opposition coalition challenging the ruling party CCM officially unveiled their countrywide election campaigns Saturday in Dar es Salaam highlighting their plan to improving education, infrastructure networks and industries if elected to lead the East African nation for the next Five years.

Addressing thousands of supporters, UKAWA and Chadema flag bearer Edward Lowassa said he will ensure his government improves education sector and provide free education from nursery to tertiary levels. Lowassa also wants to revamp the country’s economy and infrastructure.

“I will make sure Tanzania’s ailing airline company –Air Tanzania regains its role as the East African leading airline. I want to improve the central railway to and from Dar es Salaam to upcountry regions and we will set up new ports and improve the available ones to boost the economy,” the former premier told cheering supporters at Jangwani grounds in Dar es Salaam.

He said his government will also tackle healthcare especially in rural communities.

Ukawa said they will reinstate the peoples proposed constitution.

Former prime minister Frederick Sumaye, who recently defected to the opposition to join Lowassa took aim at his former party saying CCM appears to be a single party from outside while internally they have been operating as two different political parties for a long time.

He said people have been blinded for a long time and now they want to see change in the way the government is run, not relying on a single political party anymore.

Sumaye noted “inside CCM if you do anything that does not conform to a certain set of rules they attack you” urging voters to shed the fear of the unknown, and vote for Lowassa and UKAWA.

Home Affairs minister Lawrence Masha and ex-Secretariat official Hiza Tambwe, once a CUF cadre, addressed the huge turnout urging Tanzanians to vote for Ukawa to be fully liberated.

CHADEMA National Chairman Freeman Mbowe told the gathering the opposition is well prepared for the challenge of leading Tanzania.

Over the recent weeks the ruling party has seen an exodus of top ranking cadres defecting to the opposition coalition and experts say this year’s presidential race will be the first very competitive the country has seen since independence.

Lowassa is running against CCM’s John Magufuli and six other candidates vying for the highest office in the land.