US-based Generation Next group seeks to Invest in Rwanda’s education

President Kagame meeting with Generation Next delegation in Kigali

President Kagame meeting with Generation Next delegation in Kigali

Generation Next Foundation, a US-based business group has expressed interest in investing in the education sector in Rwanda as a way of bridging the education gap in the East African country.

A delegation of business leaders under their umbrella body- Gen Next was in Rwanda and met with President Paul Kagame on Monday. They also met with several government officials in education and security sector as well as Ministers and lawmakers.

Minister for Education Dr. Papias Musafiri confirmed the development and said that the country needs more private investments in the education sector since currently 90 percent of the schools in Rwanda are government owned.

The recent Advanced Level Education School examination results released by the Ministry of Education indicated a poor performance among secondary school students, despite a decrease in examination malpractices and enrolment.

Michael Davidson, the chief executive officer of the group said that the foundation has over 270 members who are ready and interested in investing in Rwanda and they were in the country to explore these opportunities.

“We have seen the development in Rwanda and we will take this report to other members so that we can work with Rwanda in realizing its vision of development” Davidson said.

Davidson also said that following their visit to Rwanda, they had not only been impressed by Rwanda’s economic growth in previous years but had also picked lessons applicable in their enterprises.

The Gen Next Foundation focuses on three issues that drive prosperity for future generations: Education, Economic Opportunity, and Global Security.

“We believe our ability to grow our economy and innovate relies upon a great education system, and we must optimize the quality and accessibility of educational experiences for everyone. Change and results are best realized through increasing competition, accountability, and transparency” reads part of a statement on their website.