What is life really about?

This past Saturday l had a rare privilege of holding a most beautiful and precious of babies. In fact her real name is Precious. While in my arms l couldn’t help but be amazed at the sheer potential that this baby bears.
She had her arms outstretched to her side as if reaching out for an embrace. In my mind l thought what a generous approach to life she displayed. Less than a year old, but here was dear Precious with her arms outstretched to take in all that God has prepared for her in this life she’s began.

I therefore whispered a prayer to God for her, and l asked that He may indeed pour into her embrace. Pour in all the strength and courage she’ll need to be the great blessing that her family prays she would be. That blessing that the people around her will be inspired through. The blessing that our nation, and l dare say the world hopes and yearns for.

From Precious to you now, and if l may ask, “How are your arms set?” Are you generously giving into life and the affairs therein? I mean are you really giving your best shot at life? You should; because even if life does not reciprocate as generously, you will without a doubt live each day with a smile on your face and warmth in your heart, knowing life to you is more than just going through the motions.

Look at children while playing on a slide. Men if there is child play that has routine in it and little room for creativity it must be this. Climb up the ladder, sit, shove just a little bit and “wooola” down you go.
If you are well practiced and depending on the size of the slide, you will land on your feet. Contrary to this, someone might be looking forward to an unexpected visit to a dentist or bone specialist.

That notwithstanding, see how little children resist when pap or mom comes and pulls them out after the last landing saying “That’s enough now Junior”, the mom obviously thinking, “This is the last time you are wearing such cool shorts to the playground”.

A routine game, but see what brightness of eyes it breeds on children’s faces while they compete to outdo each other.
Life is more about the experience of it, than the destination we think we want or desire to reach. Yes we all desire that fat bank account, that thriving business, those adorable children, the fancy car and the respect of our peers. That’s all fine and grand, but I submit to you, how you get them determines how much you will enjoy them.

Take quick fixes, cut corners, bribe, heck be ruthless in your pursuit, but l assure you when all is silent and what is too loud to ignore, is the voice of that conscience you have numbed so long and now in its final gasp before dying, asks “All these but to what end?”.

Winning in life l see is not having the largest house in the neighbourhood, but the warmest; that even your neighbour’s pet cat relocated. It’s not driving the latest model of a BMW, but noticing that newlywed couple, trying to rush to catch a bus home after church before the rain pours, and offering them a ride. It has little to do with being called “Boss” by countless humans, but reaching home early enough to be welcomed by the sounds of “Daddy! Daddy!” or “Mamaa!”. lt certainly is not twisting and tossing on the most expensive bed money can buy hoping you will catch sleep eventually. It is receiving a Whatsapp image from your wife and on opening you see this disfigured face of someone who strangely looks like you deep asleep on the couch just after dinner.

How we live life is a reflection of what we expect from it. And what we expect from life is strongly related to what we put into it. So dear friend, join Precious and myself in living life with outstretched arms. Withholding nothing from life’s engagements as God allows. Believing in the possibility of the ‘impossible’. Giving generously to lives, and then you can expect the overflow of good from life as well. Be blessed.