Why Kenyans’ bashing of Ms. Anne Waiguru is wrong and misguided

EMBATTLED: Ms Anne Waiguru, Kenya's Devolution Cabinet Secretary  is facing immense pressure over corruption scandals dogging her ministry.

EMBATTLED: Ms Anne Waiguru, Kenya’s Devolution Cabinet Secretary is facing immense pressure over corruption scandals dogging her ministry.

Over the last few weeks Kenya’s Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has been under intense public attack and shaming for alledgedly partaking in the reported corruption in her ministry. Under fire Waiguru will on Tuesday November 10, appear before the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to field tough questions on the alleged disappearance of a staggering KSh791 million from the ministry’s National Youth Service (NYS) program among other issues.

Politicians especially in the oppositions and the general public have been demanding her suspension for a thorough investigation into the matter and until today I had been one of these ridiculously loud voices. But today, I want to apologize to Anne Waiguru personally for demanding her immediate removal. After critically analyzing the events of the last one week and other emerging facts, I have come to one conclusion; the Waiguru attack is not about corruption. IT IS PURELY POLITICS…now I understand why President Uhuru Kenyatta has been hesitant to sack her….and these are my 10 reasons why Anne Waiguru should NOT move an Inch until there is direct culpability on her side. Waiguru kaa ngumu….I know her Public trust has been dented but still kaa Ngumu…We cannot lynch people based on hearsay and falsified documents leaked to a compromised media. The media in Kenya is in business of selling newspapers and Tv Airtime…they are for sale, here are my reasons. 1-10. I beg to be corrected;

1. Ministry of devolution is very key to the Implementation of the ruling Jubilee Manifesto (It is 7 Ministries in one) It is a ministry that is very dear to the Jubilee success. Anyone who wants Jubilee to fail must first make sure this Ministry grinds to a halt.

2.Waiguru dented opposition leader Raila Odinga’s image and profile by her slum upgrading in Kibera, Kisumu and other areas you remember people saying Raila aka baba was Prime Minister and he did nothing but waiguru ni kiboko yao, that she must be dealt with by all means possible? Dealt with by who? your guess is as good as mine

3. Many people are unhappy with the National Youth Service (NYS) revamping programme which she is spearheading. 90,000 youths have been employed from all constituents. More successful than the Raila Odinga’s Kazi kwa Vijana. Again she must be dealt with by all means. By who? .your guess is as good as mine

4. Her Permanent Secretary Peter Mangiti presents to parliament a falsified document and the media picks it up and blows everything out of proportion. Then the following day the P.S. withdraws the document and apologizes but the damage has already been done…this is the same document that had issues about things like the 1.7m Television set, condom dispensers et cetara

5. The said accounts from where the money was allegedly stolen have already been frozen and we know the owners (Waiguru is not one of the owners of those company nor related).

6. Anne Waiguru has deservedly won the prestigious African Public Service (APS) Award for her excellence in public service.

7. The Uwezo fund which is the brain child of Ms Anne Waiguru scooped the Best Women Empowerment Award in Africa.

8. The Huduma Kenya programme spearheaded by Anne Waiguru won United Nations Public Service Awards.This award is the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service. It rewards the creative achievements and contributions of public service institutions towards a more effective and responsive public administration worldwide.

9. Anne waiguru has also won the Middle East Africa Business Council award (MEAFRIC) for showing unique leadership as her ministry coordinated devolution blending efforts between the national and county governments to attain the same set goals.

10. Anne Waiguru was the first person to blow the whistle about some fishy deals going on in her ministry and authorized investigations. She does not procure nor negotiate deals in her ministry….she is not an Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE) holder.

Fellow Kenyans; we are crucifying the wrong person

  • Mureithi

    We all know this is politics ya BABA Waiguru kaa ngumu.Alredy headed for referendum like the 2008 aimend at 2017. Change prayers from individuals to our own