Zed Feruzi’s Wife forgives husband’s murderers

Zedi Feruzi, Opposition leader in Burundi was shot dead Saturday

Zedi Feruzi, Opposition leader in Burundi was shot dead a week ago in the capital Bujumbura

Marie-Louise Nshimirimana, the wife of fallen Burundian Oposition politician, Zed Feruzi has said that she wants God to forgive the murderers of her husband who was assassinated by unknown gunmen a week ago.

The 39 year old mother of four children (three girls and a boy) says Feruzi’s murderers deserve nothing but forgiveness, since they didn’t know what they were doing.

“It is only Allah, the al mighty God who can judge them, and I hope that we will all stand in judgment at the end of time and they will be asked as to why they widowed me” Nshimirimana told Burundi Iwacu, a local news website..

Zedi Feruzi, was the head of the Union for Peace and Development (UPD) opposition political party and was shot dead by unknown assailants, his body was discovered in Ngagara neighborhood in Burundi capital, Bujumbura on May 23.

His wife says that days before the murder, he husband had sensed signs of insecurity in the capital Bujumbura, thus taking a decision to transfer his whole family to their village home in Ngozi province.

Opposition leaders in Burundi have blamed Feruzi’s death on President Pierre Nkurunziza, his government and his ruling party CNDD-FDD,

Agathon Rwasa, the head of the National Forces of Liberation (FNL) says that Feruzi’s death was related to his public opposition to Nkurunziza’s third term bid.

At Feruzi’s burial, thousands of grieving supporters of UPD, participants reiterated their determination to pursue their march until President Nkurunziza withdraws his controversial candidacy.